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Fall 3-credit pd - learn to code!

Learn to code and earn 3 PD credits, and the fee is waived this year. Develop lesson plans that incorporate computer programming into any subject. Teachers K-12 have develop lessons in history, social studies, PE, construction tech, math, science, ELA, almost every subject can incorporate programming concepts, because computer programming is about problem solving!

This introduction class is designed for the non-technical teacher. By the end of this professional development, you'll be programming in "C" language.

  • October 5th - Introduction Coding Kauai Complex. Online.

  • October 7th - Introduction Coding Statewide. Online.

Designed for: non-technical K-12 teachers.

Cost: $0 fees are waived for 2020 due to the pandemic.

Note: If you plan to take this course for credit, you will be required to develop a portfolio with 3 lesson plans. This course will require 50 to 75 hours of total time minimally. Learning to code is only 15-25 hours, and the majority of the time is to develop your portfolio, lesson plans, and testing with your students. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this PD is now a self-paced online course with video instructions as well as online support when you have questions.

Contact: Brett Tanaka at OCID

Visit DOE's PDE3 website, search for Altino. https://pde3.k12.hi.us/