Lessons 1-10

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start your engines!

Click on the Altino car on the left to start your car! A new window will open with the Altino Virtual Car. Or go to cars.altinocoding.com using your favorite browser.

Cheat Sheet v2 for VIRTUAL Altino Coding by Oceanit

cheat sheet

Print or keep this handy as you work on your lessons.

lesson 0

What is computer science in 4 minutes?

VIRTUAL Car - Virtual Car and IDE FINAL- Google Slides.mp4

lesson 1

Learn about the Altino Virtual Car Programming Environment

VIRTUAL CAR - What are Functions? FINAL - Google Slides.webm

lesson 2

What are functions?

Make VIRTUAL Altino car move FINAL - Google Slides.mp4

lesson 3

Make Altino move using Go and delay, and Steering

VIRTUAL Practice Exercises1-2 FINAL - Go Steering delay - Google Slides.mp4

lesson 4

Practice Exercise 1 and 2 - convert pseudo-code into code

VIRTUAL Car - make one circle FINAL - Google Slides.mp4

lesson 5

Make the Altino virtual car complete one full circle

VIRTUAL Car - Figure "8" FINAL - Google Slides.mp4

lesson 6

Challenge #1 - make a figure "8" using the virtual car

VIRTUAL car Display function FINAL - Google Slides.mp4
Cheat Sheet v2 for VIRTUAL Altino Coding by Oceanit

lesson 7

Using the Display function to display letters, numbers, and characters on the Altino Virtual Car. Open the Cheat Sheet or it's posted on the left below, and look at Page 4.

VIRTUAL car Display Numbers FINAL - Google Slides.mp4

lesson 8

Use Display and (48 + __) to display numbers on the Virtual Car

VIRTUAL car Display Letters FINAL - Google Slides.mp4

lesson 9

Use Display and (65 + __) to display letters on the Virtual Car

VIRTUAL Car Challenge #2 FINAL - Counting Circles on Dot Matrix - Google Slides.mp4

Lesson 10

Challenge #2 - Counting Circles on Dot Matrix on the virtual car

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