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Welcome to the Altino Online version which takes the best materials from our 3-credit teacher professional development training for use with the new Altino Virtual Car.

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why programming matters

If you want to help people and make a global impact watch this 6 minute video.

Virtual and Real Altino Car.mp4

the altino virtual car!

Introducing the first generation of the Altino Virtual Car simulator. Nothing can replace using the physical Altino car with it's flashing LED lights, sounds, sensors, and movements but at least with the virtual car every student can have their own car to code!


the vision

Learn about our "WHY" in this 3 minute UNEDITED video by Maui student film makers. Filmed at the end of Day 5 of the 3-credit professional development training for 30 teachers on Maui, Summer 2018.

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